A little doze of a short girl or even more…

Hi stories junkies (I call my friends that cos they really are), so I know I’m petite and I’m not sure I have a problem with that. I realized I stopped growing tall at the age of 13, I really didn’t notice until I was 15 and still the same height.

When I turned 18, I gave up the measurement spree cos I knew I wasn’t going to grow taller any longer ( I mean who cares about growing taller when I wasn’t foreseeing a modelling career or when I can grow mentally better?). My friends all left me behind with the height thing and I had to assume the ‘smallest of them all role’ hahahahh.

In my early twenties I had lots of experiences that made people regard me as a teenager or even a child, I remember being told by my dean of faculty to come sit on his lap just because he thought I was there to look for my uncle who was the screening officer for first year students in college then, when I told him I was there for the screening, he was shocked and asked if I was even done with high school…

Sometimes, I got shamed by my height on the road when just dressed all up like the adult that I am and sometimes, I got commended with comments like ” she’s so cute and pretty petite. Look how she combined her wardrobe and it came out really simple and classy” or ” to think that she is just a little girl but knows how to dress this nice” so on.

I tried seeking validation from people who thought I was a small girl just because I am petite or “short as some would call it, but all to no avail. I realized that people may not 100% like you especially if you do not posses physical attribute that could be really attractive like beautiful eyes, slender body, fine legs, tall or average height, fair skin, long and beautiful hair, pointed nose, and the likes.

Not to worry, who said you needed a hundred percent validation by the way? Let me help you help yourself with this, just save yourself that headache and build a high but healthy self esteem and you’re good to go darlings.

Wanna know my response to a guy who called me short on my way to buy groceries? He thought I’ll be infuriated by his comment about me, rather I turned at him and said ” you don’t need to remind me darling, my mirror does already and I’m pretty very comfortable with that fact, plus I love me that way” I smiled and walked away. Gosh! You needed to see the disappointment in his face. I’ve had so much of this height saga and even more but here’s the fact of the matter; I might be short but never underestimate what I’m capable of.

I shock myself most times, so why think I can’t others? I’m a short girl in the neighborhood but got tall dreams. “If you aren’t comfortable with that, then you will have to deal with that” that’s what I tell people who think otherwise.

When It Dawn on me

Turning 20 in early May meant a lot to me; more expectations, more responsibility. But it was nothing compared to having to choose a career path, at least that topped the list of expectations from family, friends peers and everyone around me. It´s quite surprising how people lived life for you in this part of the world where i reside. Funny right? but practically true. I mean, another individual in the form of an aunt, friend,or family or even a clergy in your local church practically decided to inhabit your own body all in the name of correcting or teaching you morality and ethics. Other than few lessons learnt from home, I only got to learn morality and ethics during first year in college, a federal university in my hometown. I was only surprised to have been thought it in a course tittled ´´Philosophy´´, well, your guess is as good as mine. Lets keep that for another discussion but continue in my adventure of ¨becoming who I should become¨ as suggested by my virtual selves living in several bodies alleged to be my surrounded cheerleaders and family.

It was crazy but sane!

So my first day at school was crazy but sane. I´m sure you are taking your mind back at yours, how it was, the cries, the new faces, the new environment, new guardians and the rest. But how is it that i remember all these when i was just a three year old? well i did because my mind went back all the event after school. You wanna hear and learn how i was able to fit in and adjust? then I am glad to take you through the after school travel that year and the years after.